Rent a Ride România - Închirieri motociclete în România -


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Slider2. Take advantage of our experience. Rent a Motorcycle Montreal – Above all, the best adventures. Feel the ride day after day.

Born of an idea..

Established in Canada in 2013, we came with an immense desire to ride and explore, and we have tested the asphalt of all provinces and territories of our new country. After we earned a higher than 20 years experience on the road and over than 200.000 km on a motorcycle seat, we decided to share our experience of life with other riders driven by the two wheels passion.

Why us?

Because we know how you feel to ride day after day. To wake up and see the sunshine from your tent, to see all the miracles that nature can offer for everybody that is interested to discover. To be happy for every new sensation that a riding day is offering to us. Yes, we are doing business but we want to prove that, in this materialist century, where everything is costing money, we can also share with our new friends this beautiful experience of lifestyle. We said friends. Because we are trying to treat all our customers with the respect and attention due to a friend.

Why “Rent a Ride” ?

We know that we are not inventing the wheel. There are a lot of motorcycle rental places. Our plan is not to rent only bikes, but to rent dreams. To rent adventure stories. To rent our experience and to develop a community of riders that are hungry to discover those two beautiful countries – Canada and Romania

We are also waiting for you to jump with us in an unforgettable motorcycle adventure!